Said genuinely it can mean so much…

Can you recall when you started out in your career and your boss regularly took credit for what you did and your efforts went unrecognised?

I remember it well, that feeling of being under valued and not appreciated.  All that changed when I met a mentor of mine in my early days of management, Anthony always recognised my achievements, said thank you and made sure I got the recognition I deserved, it inspired me to such a degree that I will always remember it and ensure I don’t forget his wisdom.

The words ‘thank you’ can mean so much to people; so long as it is not disingenuous and they are said with eye contact and a smile.  A letter or card of thanks for that exceptional piece of work will also pay dividends in the long run and will make a significant difference to those you manage.  After all there are not many people I know who do not enjoy recognition of achievement and the reality is they deserve it for a job well done.

We are all busy these days with what appears to be less time however the little bit of time to say thank you is guaranteed to grow your talent and grow you more time in the future – it sounds simple I know but in my experience with many organisations it is not done enough.


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