Over 50 years old and still valuable!

Back in the 1960’s Stanford University carried out a study analysing data from Fortune 500 companies that resulted in something we are all very familiar with.

The first time you saw ‘it’ and used it I am confident you learnt something about yourself, the organisation or department you were working in, so when was the last time you dusted ‘it’ down and took a look in the mirror?

At this time of the year many people will be sitting down to complete their appraisal documents ready for their review, I would like to suggest revisiting ‘it’ now ahead of completing the appraisal as it could be really helpful.

‘It’ is the SWOT Analysis, yes it has been around years, however it is still a great way to help us reflect on our own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

If you have 10 minutes get your duster out to: 

  • consider those important strengths you have that make you, you, that others could potentially overlook unless you point them out
  • decide how you can deal with the weaknesses, ask for the support you need
  • recognise the amazing opportunities you have to grow and take advantage of them in the year ahead, share and commit to them
  • consider the potential threats that could be looming around the corner and act now to prevent them taking you off track

By doing this I hope you will have come up with opportunities to share with others, the amazing job you have been doing this year and to show them how focussed and ready you are for the year ahead.

Good luck!


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