How to get ‘smarter’ with your objective setting

Over the years we have trained many people in how to write SMART, SMARTS, SMARTER objectives, they are a key part of managing our own achievements and being able to help others to become absolutely clear on what we need them to achieve.

There are many versions of the acronym; we all have our own favourites or those that are used by our organisation.  It is important to ensure our objectives are specific, measurable, action orientated, relevant and time bound there is however a much ‘smarter’ way of ensuring they are.

All you need to do is write down the following, making them smart then takes care of itself:

By… write this in ‘Newspaper Date’ style

Deliver… what specifically will be delivered?

Measure… how will you measure success?

Yes it’s simple, but in my book making it simple is good!



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