How to beat your post-holiday hangover…

Taking a break and if you are lucky a holiday is essential to recharge the batteries, however how often have you retuned to work feeling like it would have been easier to not have been away and on top of that you are suffering the effects of a post-holiday hangover? 

Your body is now back in the office while your mind is still enjoying the warm sand under your feet, the condensation on your hand from your ice cold drink and the soothing sound of the waves… back to reality you are most definitely in the office and you need to get back into things quickly, you have a mountain of emails to get through and meetings to attend. 

It’s all about prevention rather than cure and here are a few ways to beat the hangover… 

  • Delegate tasks well before you go – have a follow up process for when you return (you can find a blog on delegation on
  • Set your out of office for an extra day – it gives you a day to catch up, you may need to let your manager know that you are not taking an extra days holiday, it’s your call on this one
  • Have an early night the night before and set your alarm half an hour earlier – your body will need the sleep however having an extra half an hour in the morning will mean you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast
  • Before you start to deal with your emails delete all of the spam – instantly it will look less, you will feel better and then you can start to prioritise
  • Don’t book in back to back meetings for your first day back – everyone will say they need to see you but it will certainly not help your hangover you need to manage it and the expectation of others
  • Take a break at lunch time – your body has been used to it, take your lunch away from your desk
  • Drink more – water that is, we all drink more water when we are on holiday because it is hot and if you stop your body will not function as well and you will feel tired
  • Arrange something you enjoy doing for the evening of the first day back – it will give you something to look forward to
  • Be realistic – pace yourself you will not catch up 1 or 2 weeks of work in one day and neither will anyone expect you to

Hope this helps to relieve you of your holiday hangover… Enjoy your holidays!

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