When is it good to copy?

We all have very different views on how we feel when others copy us – I am not talking about when we were at school and the person next to you copied your answers.   I am talking about those people who try to emulate you for your characteristics, your confidence and your personal brand.

My opinion is aligned to that of Albert Bandura, the 1950’s Canadian psychologist who researched and created the Social Learning Theory – his concept that self-efficacy breed’s confidence and people learn from one another by observation, imitation and modelling is so true and there is no harm in it.  If you observe someone behaving in a way that you believe would help you to achieve your goals and objectives and you decide this because of the positive outcomes they achieve then that is a good enough reason. 

To start copying:

  • Identify the specific skills or traits you have appreciated
  • Observe them carefully to learn how to apply the skill or trait
  • Practice – if at first you don’t succeed don’t give up, practice makes perfect

You do need to be realistic, no point using Usain Bolt as a model if you have never tried sprinting, but if you have seen someone else do something and thought ‘I can do that’ then that is the time to copy away!


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