What will your team be famous for?

With year-end reviews getting closer, what will you be saying your team has been famous for this year?  It may be one thing or it may be many, however what has made them stand out above the rest?

If it is a challenge for you to pinpoint what they are famous for, consider this…

Famous sports teams tend to be remembered because they have won a major competition, a league or achieved a world record.  Their success comes from hard work, and determination.  In most cases it takes time and effort to create and achieve such a status.  The one thing they do all have in common is a very clear focus and direction. 

Successful teams, without exception, know exactly what they are working towards, what they are trying to achieve and it’s this unity in the destination that allows them to maintain the energy and motivation to reach it.

Every team becomes identified by their results.  Think of sports teams that have amazingly successful seasons, then have a change of management and their fortunes begin to change, and vice versa.  So, you can be just as famous, or infamous, for poor results as you can for great results.

One way to ensure that your team are famous for the right result is to ensure that the WHOLE team is absolutely clear on the destination.

So if you do not have the opportunity to celebrate in style this year, start planning for 2015 and decide as a team on the following…

By 31st December 2015… what specifically will the team deliver that will make them famous to the business and how will you measure your success?  And of course celebrate your achievement!

This is a great team exercise and from experience you will be pleasantly surprised of what they come up with and how prepared they are to challenge the boundaries.

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