Why wait until 2016 to change?

Why Word Question Mark 3d Symbols Sphere Wonder ReasonSo many of us make New Year’s resolutions on the 1st of January only to have broken them within days and as a result feel we have failed.

Why then wait until January to change the way we do things, what is to stop us taking time out now away from the Christmas chaos to decide what we need to do differently in 2016?

So how do we approach this task in a way that will help what matters to happen? If this is going to work we will need to enter the New Year in a way that we haven’t before, let’s face it a part of us knows that we have been here before trying to do things different in a new year and nothing has changed, and nothing does change overnight.  But so long as we recognise first why we are doing what we are doing and what the benefits will be to us personally we will have a greater chance of achieving them.

All too often we consider ‘what’ we want to achieve and rush off with great enthusiasm, this gets crushed at the first hurdle and we get that feeling of failure. What is missing is the ‘why’ and clearly understanding ‘what is in it for us’ by getting clear on the why we want something to change will help us sustain momentum when we hit those inevitable hurdles. It will help us to remain focussed on the outcome we want and the difference that will make to us personally.

‘Why’ is a small word that makes the big difference when you have that clarity!

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