Are your boundaries real or imagined?

There are times in our lives when we have greater levels of self belief some of the strongest levels being when we are children. 

From before we can walk we do not see the fear that our parents do. They see us crawling, trying to balance on our own two feet, rapidly followed by us taking our first steps.  At the same time they will be worrying about us falling over and hurting ourselves.  For us we do not have the fear, there is no boundary, so when does it all change?

As we grow older we sometimes find things more difficult to achieve, we have to try more often to get the result we want.  I compare it to learning to ride a bicycle – how many times we have to fall off before we gain the confidence still at that point we keep going.

Our boundaries form as we become more aware and develop a fear of failure of something going wrong, not looking good in front of others – however I ask you is something not going the way you expected really so bad?

My view would be that the strength comes from trying and if you don’t succeed what did you learn from the experience to better inform your decisions in the future, as the saying goes ‘if at first you don’t succeed try again’

With 2014 just around the corner I would like to suggest we try to remove some of those imagined boundaries, by challenging ourselves in the New Year to try something new every week that takes us out of our comfort zone, something you imagined in the past you would not be able to do.  Remember if at first you don’t succeed you may need to try again, by trying I assure you lots will be learnt. 

Keep a note of them as it will be amazing at the end of next year to reflect on what you have achieved.

Good Luck!



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