Are your New Year’s resolutions a distant memory?

At the start of a year we all set out with good intentions and high expectations as we embark on our life changing resolutions.  Some of us stick with it and for those who do I congratulate you on your focus and determination.  For those who failed, that could be how you are feeling right now ‘a failure’ however ask yourself ‘did you just try to raise the bar too high?’

The most popular and failed resolutions are to get fit, lose weight and achieve better work life balance, all elements that contribute towards increased energy, happiness and well-being.

If your new year’s resolutions are a distant memory and you still have the desire to get fit, lose weight and achieve better work life balance here are just a few things you can do as a part of your daily routine to help yourself – you don’t need to buy new gym kit!

 Get fit:

  • Walk and Meet where possible get up from your desk and meet by walking and talking in the fresh air – it’s stimulating and adds to the meeting dynamic
  • Take the stairs at every possible opportunity take the stairs not the lift – it may be tough at the outset but it does get easier
  • Power walk take your trainers to work and power walk after your lunch for 15 minutes – no excuses everyone can take a break and the added bonus your energy levels will increase.

 Lose weight:

  • Keep an eating diary for just one week write down ‘everything’ you eat and drink – there is much research to back this up which found that you end up eating 15% less food that those who don’t
  • Make it skinny it is astounding how many calories are in fancy coffee, change your drinks to a ‘skinny’ version and you can drop as much as 160 calories and reduce saturated fat to zero
  • Hydration helps drink a glass of water before you eat – it helps to fill you up and increase your energy levels

 Achieve better work life balance:

  • Start the weekend early even if it means coming in early always go home on time on a Friday – spend the time with friends and family your weekend will also feel longer
  • Put your phone down at home or at work cleanse your mind and body.  Take a 5 minute break, put your phone down and look out of the window – it’s ‘you time’ a very liberating feeling and everything can wait for five minutes
  • Learn to say ‘No’ If you tend to say yes when you’re asked to do something extra, say you’ll get back to them, use that time to think about whether to say yes or no – If you want to say yes, fine, if you want to say no, say no and keep saying it and don’t justify your actions or give excuses.

And finally I read recently…’willpower is like a muscle, it needs to be exercised, practise five minutes of deep breathing daily to clear your mind and strengthen your resolve’. If nothing else use the five minutes to consider what you have just read and make a resolution that you can keep and will increase your well-being and happiness. 

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