Avoid the Negative Impact of losing an hour…

change your clocksWith British Summer Time starting tomorrow for some there will be a bitter sweet feeling of the positive signs of spring vs. the loss of one hour of sleep or time.

Despite it being only an hour the new light-dark cycle perversely works against our body clock, our brain knows the time on the clock has changed however research tells us that getting less sunlight in the morning and more in the evening results in a short term lack of productivity.

You can avoid the negative impact of losing the hour by taking some simple steps:

  • 27th March go to bed 45 minutes earlier
  • Avoid alcohol this weekend!
  • Get out into the sunlight on the 28th to help your body clock reset
  • Avoid early morning activities on the 28th and 29th

Hope as a result your feelings about the change are purely positive!

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