What’s in it for me?

What Is in it for me Text written on notebook pageA term referred to often or should I say the acronym WIIFM is and in most cases in my opinion it is used as lip service.  A shame as used in the right context it gives clarity and allows us to be more content and happy!

When we ask ourselves ‘what’s in it for me’ all too often we overlook the fact that by doing so we are questioning and establishing our own levels of personal motivation.  It gives us the reason we are doing what we do, why we get up in the morning, why we do the job we do, why we complete specific projects and tasks.

It’s the real ‘why’ behind our decisions and the reason why some people achieve job satisfaction and others don’t.  So why then are so many people unhappy with their jobs?

In my opinion it is because we are not examining what is really in it for us. By reframing ‘why’ we are doing things we start to achieve more because it helps us to progress towards or away from a situation, barriers that were there before disappear because we are more focused, we become happier at work and home because we are achieving what we want to achieve.

It sounds really simple when you put it like this and that is because it is simple it just needs the time to think about it and make the mindset shift.

Definitely a worthwhile approach for ourselves, and others who appear unhappy and demotivated.

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