Need an energy boost?

energy button on computer pc keyboard keyIt’s the time of the year when many of us are covering for other people’s holidays and trying to catch up before our own. Our energy levels are feeling low; do we reach for the chocolate bar, pour ourselves a fizzy drink or eat a high calorie ice cream?  All very appealing however they only provide a short term fix and longer term consequences.

Here’s my top 10 – they definitely work I know, because I regularly use them!

  1. Go outside get some fresh air for at least 20 minutes – your emails can wait and the change of scenery will make you more alert
  2. Sit up straight – consider your posture, are you sitting the correct distance from your key board and monitor
  3. Spray a citrus room spray around your work area – it is refreshing and energising
  4. Drink more water – there are so many studies to prove this is the right thing to do so why do people still not drink enough?!
  5. Do something that you find interesting – especially after lunch when we can all hit a low
  6. Breath – when we are concentrating or feel stressed we often hold our breath without realising – take some deep breaths, it gets the blood pumping and boosts your energy
  7. Find a reason to laugh – watch a funny video at lunch time, listen to a comedy pod cast – whatever makes you happy as when we laugh we do feel energised
  8. Avoid a large intake of carbohydrates at lunch time – this time of the year there are many reasons to be having more than your five a day
  9. Open the window – not always possible but if you can it’s a must
  10. Eat at regular intervals – it sustains your energy levels


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