Congratulations Nadiya – you won twice!

BakeOff4Viewed by many and loved by most
With Sue and Mel perfect hosts
Last night was a night of great anticipation
Great British Bake off loved by the nation 

For those who viewed our eyes saw many treats
We all remained firmly in our seats
With great admiration some would watch on
Others saying next year I could be the one 

For many they will have enjoyed the show
I too enjoyed it but looked on with L & D know
Many today have picked up on the Nadiya’s quote
For others it may have been a little remote

For Nadiya she has actually won twice
Which for me is something ever so nice?
She started the show with low self-belief
After each small victory you could see the relief 

Like Nadiya so many other people are held back
Because of the self-belief they lack
They need to know that they too can do it
Remove the boundaries that prevent them making it

So today as it is National Poetry Day
I am asking you all to help in some special way
If you know someone with low self-belief
Please be a giver and not a thief

Help them achieve small confidence building wins
Encourage them to do those little things
This will enable them to say ‘I am never going to put boundaries on myself ever again’
Who know they may go onto enjoy the same fame

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